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INNOV8 has continually sought out new and innovative ways of providing its clients with the absolute best products available within the infection control sector.

We have tested many new products and devices over the last 15 years, from new chemicals to new advances in equipment.

Recently the pandemic has bought a significant focus upon infection control cleaning, INNOV8 has sought out the very best of those solutions available today, these new technologies do not replace the manual cleaning required but offer our teams additional equipment. We are able to give our customers and their patients the reassurance that the area or vehicle cleaned is free of bacteria and viruses and that the ATP testing has shown that the tested surfaces are clean.

Similarly, we can deploy a high power sprayer system, which is a fully industrial misting spray system and this has proven to be highly useful in the decontamination of medical premises, allowing the antibacterial/viricidal solution to cover all surfaces leaving no part of the premise that has not been treated.

Our teams use this technology to ensure that after the manual decontamination all areas are coated with the product to prevent any further surface contamination. These sprayers allow for rapid deployment and give maximum surface coverage to each of those otherwise hard to get into areas.

UV-disinfection technology has been known for about a hundred years and used mainly in medicine. However, its scope of application is much wider.

UV-C luminaires emitting ultraviolet light are one of the most effective devices capable of removing viruses, bacteria, fungi from the surface or destroying the DNA or RNA of any exposed microorganisms. Exposure to ultraviolet light is an effective, convenient, cost-efficient, and ecological method of disinfection.

INNOV8 is committed to continually test and invest in new technologies as they become available to ensure the best possible service and results are always given to our customers and yours.

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