Decontamination of Premises

The need for decontaminations of premises has progressively grown over the past 10 years, as businesses have become more aware of the effect on their employees of virus and bacteria spread by surface contamination.

Seasonal norovirus outbreaks coupled with the flu has had an impact upon large call centres and open-plan offices where the spread of such pathogens is much easier than the old single office configurations.

INNOV8 Cleaning Solutions is the decontamination company of choice for clients who require professional decontamination that meets the requirements of Public Health England, Department of Health & Social Care and the National Ambulance Resilience Unit. Our staff are trained to the required standards in infection prevention and control, the right products are used to ensure all bacteria and virus are killed.

The latest equipment, including fine misting machines that spray an ultrafine mist that plates itself to the surfaces killing the pathogens, and UV-C light-emitting units, are all part of the armoury that INNOV8 can deploy to your premise to assist in the decontamination.

Swab tests are taken on completion of the work, thus proving the decontamination has removed all surface proteins (this means that bacteria cannot survive on the surfaces); providing evidence of our service is vital for our clients and their staff.

INNOV8 should always be your first call when confronted with the need for decontamination of a contaminated or suspected contaminated premise.

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