Ambulance Support Services

INNOV8 Cleaning Solutions are specialists in Ambulance Infection Control Support Services. We can support existing in-house systems with fully trained Ambulance Deep Cleaning staff. We will provide ongoing provision of a periodic Deep Cleaning Service. We use specialist chemicals that provide effective disinfectant against all hospital superbugs, including Staphylococcus auras, E coli, and C difficile. We have formed a partnership with our chemical supplier only using chemicals that are proven in the Health Care Sector to kill harmful bacteria guaranteed!

Support Options

  • Support existing in-house systems with fully trained Ambulance Deep Cleaning staff.
  • On-going provision of a periodic Deep Cleaning Service.

We can provide a static or mobile service; basic power and provision of mains water are our only requirement.

INNOV8 will provide a fully managed service providing regular and effective liaison with our customers. We will deal quickly with any issue likely to affect the performance of the contract or the standard of the deep cleaning. We recognise the importance of the credibility of our employees and the need to be ‘trusted’ by the Clinical officers and staff. We will fully support that process, ensuring the quality of the training, equipment and chemicals used are of the highest standard. All employees will be protected by receiving Hepatitis B vaccinations and will use protective gloves at all times during the cleaning process.

INNOV8 staff will be capable of working alone or act as support to existing in-house teams. Either way we guarantee an excellent level of service to our customers.

If required, the KPi package will include the details of planned and actual cleans, audit details, swab records (if included), and an exception report for cleans not able to be completed. The KPi package can be access through our secure client portal.

High quality and low margins represent excellent value for money for our customers.

All Deep cleaning staff are Innov8 employees, contracted with all statutory entitlements. Our staff will be in uniform with lnnov8 identity cards at all times whilst on the customer’s premises. Staff are trained by lnnov8 in line with the CQC Section 8 guidelines to ensure they fully understand the importance of their role in controlling infection, including effective hand hygiene. Employees will be trained in Health and Safety and the specific requirements of each site’s risk assessment.

Independent Ambulance Association Members

We are members of the Independent Ambulance Association (IAA), who represent the interests of independent ambulance providers who are registered with the Care Quality Commission. They support the regulation of those providing patient care and transportation; in England this is registration with the Care Quality Commission, which guarantees to event organisers, NHS Commissioners and patients the highest quality standards.

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