Removal of Respirable Dusts

The removal and cleaning of hazardous dusts is a specialist task that should only be carried out by a company that recognises and can utilise the knowledge and experience of a highly trained workforce. Dusts such as Silica are highly respirable if released into the environment, causing a significant hazard to any person(s) in the vicinity. All surfaces, but particularly those of a horizontal nature such as ducting, supporting girders, and pipework, can become contaminated and also present the hazard of being at height.

INNOV8 only uses qualified staff in both dust removal and working at height and is fully insured for these very specialised activities. Risk Assessment have/are conducted and staff hold the correct IPAF licenses for the use of Mobile Vertical and Boom Platforms. Operatives are issues with disposable PPE including suitable face masks, hard hats and disposable overalls. Vacuums utilised are full HEPA status, tested to IEC 60335-2-69 Annex AA, disposal of waste is controlled in co-operation with the requirements of the client.

We offer a flexible service and can work at a time that suits our customers. This may be in the evening if the environment being cleaned works only a day shift or during shut down periods for holiday durations or maintenance work.

No job is too big or too small and we are happy to utilise your mobile lift equipment or supply our own and adjust the pricing as necessary.

All Health and Safety Documentation including Insurance details will be provided prior to any work being undertaken and a final inspection with the client is encouraged prior to any invoice being presented.

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